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Industrial Info Resources (IIR) now introduces Power Industry coverage for Latin America. Access a definitive database of power generating assets, events, owners and key decision makers in South America, Mexico & Central America. IIR’s coverage includes base load, intermediate and peak power generation plants capable of producing 25 megawatts and greater in all fuel categories.

Complete Power Industry Coverage includes:
  • Major Capital Project Coverage
  • Unit Maintenance Outage Tracking
  • New Generation Tracking
  • Plant & Unit Coverage for Installed Generation
  • Turbine & Engine Profiles
  • Boiler Profiles

    IIR’s PECWeb Power Tracker is designed to streamline sales and marketing efforts for equipment and service providers pursuing business in the global power generation marketplace. Access a world of information in our new and expanding online Power Industry database, with the most up-to-date intelligence available from any source.

    Opportunities from Events
    Major Capital Project Coverage
    Details include major capital and maintenance projects valued at $5 million and greater for private and government-owned power plants, including power generation projects at other Industrial processing or manufacturing plants (cogeneration). Access includes over 450 active projects valued at $178 billion. Coverage includes grassroot construction, unit additions, environmental compliance projects, modernizations, life extensions, repowerings, refurbishments, overhauls, uprates and major scheduled maintenance outages.

    Unit Maintenance Outage Tracking
    IIR performs daily reporting on planned and unplanned unit outages for the Power Industry. Access a database to over 2,900 historical, ongoing and future unit outages at power stations across Europe. Details includes station and unit information, capacity, fuel source, outage start and stop dates, key decision makers, address detail and brief scope of work.

    New Generation Tracking
    New generating tracking can be found in IIR’s New Build Database. Identified at the unit level, this database tracks new capacity additions planned at existing power stations and in grassroot construction. Coverage includes over 1,400 units in Latin America representing 116 gigawatts of new capacity under development. Each report includes ownership, design capacity, fuel type, unit type and technology, plus construction and start-up dates.

    New Generation Tracking
    New Build Unit Details
    Status Plant Count Unit Count Total Megawatts
    Under Development 461 1,433 116,457
    Cancelled or On-Hold 83 203 21,248
    Total 544 1,636 137,705

    Opportunities from Assets
    Plant & Unit Coverage for Installed Generation
    Access a comprehensive database of over 1,100 operating plants in Europe for data analysis, forecasting sales and prospecting new opportunities. Details are provided on over 4,200 generating units owned by private energy producers, utilities and industrial energy producers. Unique database attributes include unit type, fuel usage, design and operating capacities, ownership, key management contacts, heat rate and fuel switch changes.

    Plant & Unit Coverage
    Plant & Unit Coverage for Installed Generation
    Status Plant Count Unit Count Total Megawatts
    Commissioned 1,113 4,060 272,555
    Decommisioned 53 189 3,431
    Total 1,166 4,249 275,986

    Turbine & Engine Profiles
    Details on turbine and engine generators that support power station units for Latin America are available in a comprehensive equipment database. Included are over 750 aero-derivative and heavy frame combustion turbines, 946 steam turbines, and 2,241 internal combustion, hydro turbines and wind farms. Each turbine profile includes manufacturer name, model, gas turbine inlet cooling, environmental controls and E&C information.

    Turbine & Engine Profiles
    Turbine for Installed Generation
    Status Plant Count Unit Count Total Megawatts
    Commissioned 947 3,771 263,376
    Decommissioned 48 178 3,177
    Total 995 3,949 266,553

    Boiler Profiles
    Identify boiler installations at power generation stations throughout the region in a comprehensive database that includes government-owned, private and industrial energy producers. Over 940 boiler profiles are available for field-erected units. Details include the manufacturer, type, model, environmental controls utilized and E&C information.

    Boiler Profiles
    Boilers for Installed Generation
    Status Plant Count Unit Count Total Megawatts
    Commissioned 336 899 69,817
    Decommissioned 12 44 1,070
    Total 348 943 70,887

    PECWeb Plus! Advanced Tool for Sales Tracking and Analytics

    Enhance your Power Tracker subscription to include PECWeb Plus!, a new solution for sales activity tracking and collaboration. With PECWeb Plus!, perform multiple sales follow-up functions directly from any report view then through an interactive dashboard, manage sales activity and create multiple reports on the fly. Learn how we can improve user adoption and sales tracking for your organization today.

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    We are constantly adding new information to the Latin America Power Industry Database. As we expand into other markets, subscribe today and help direct our research development efforts with your valuable input.