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About Us

Industrial Info Resources (IIR)

Industrial Info Resources (IIR) is the leading provider of global industrial market intelligence. Since 1983, our mission has been to provide our clients with the most accurate and timely information based on the highest-quality control standards in the industry. With our service, our clients are able to achieve higher visibility by becoming more effective in their sales and marketing strategies, and reduce the amount of time spent prospecting so that new relationships can be built and sales goals can be obtained.

IIR's clients include equipment manufacturers, servicing companies, distributors, manufacturer reps, labor unions and placement services who sell products and services into the industrial market. IIR's Energy Group provides intelligence for commodity traders dealing in energy products and precious metals.

Every Day Across the World, IIR:
  • Conducting more than 1,000 interviews
  • Verifying 100 new capital and maintenance projects
  • Updating more than 300 existing capital and maintenance projects
  • Verifying 340 plant records and 250 units profiles
  • Validating and/or creating over 50 equipment profiles
  • Confirming over 2,800 contacts
  • Verifying more than 300 unit outages, turnarounds and shutdowns
Our Coverage of the Industrial Market

For more than 26 years, we have been covering the industrial process, heavy manufacturing and energy-related markets throughout the world. IIR's market coverage is defined as processes that involve the movement or control of a gas, vapor, liquid or solid.

For North America, our intelligence focuses on:

  • Electric Power
  • Bulk Terminals (Oil & Gas)
  • Transmission (Oil & Gas)
  • Onshore Production
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Chemical Processing
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Pulp, Paper & Wood
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Outside of North America, IIR focuses on the primary infrastructure industries:

  • Electric Power
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    and Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Chemical Processing
  • Metals & Minerals
Our Products & Services

Our database products include event tracking for major capital and maintenance projects, also known as PEC (Planning, Engineering and Construction), planned and unplanned unit maintenance outages, shutdowns and turnarounds, plus details on plant locations that include key decision makers, unit details, and equipment profiles for turbines, boilers, compressors and pollution control equipment.

IIR also provides market-forecasting services that include global capital and maintenance spending projections for 12 industrial markets. We also specialize in providing specialized forecasts for equipment, materials and labor that help our clients determine market size.

Mapping Services
For visual representation, IIR illustrates market segments into high-quality laminated wall maps that includes details on plant locations, projects and equipment profiles found in our database offerings.

Daily News
Editors and research analysts across the world team up with IIR's research experts to generate daily news on the industrial market to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments. Unlike many sites, IIR publishes original content derived from the extensive interviews conducted by our teams worldwide. To get the latest news, visit our home page at

Audio and Video Webcasts/Podcasts
IIR's multimedia studio provides the perfect environment for hosting several informative webcasts that are free to registered users.

  • Navigating the Currents of Change - IIR's research experts discuss leading trends and future spending initiatives taking place in the industrial market.
  • The Industry Today Show - Market leaders discuss new technology, innovation, advancements in products and services, as well as business ideas that keeps industry moving and growing.

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